INSULA is a producer and supplier of sustainable and healthy seafood products for the food retail industry and the foodservice industry in the Nordic region. The company’s portfolio includes both fresh, frozen and canned seafood products that Insula develops, manufactures and sells.

Insula was established as a seafood group in 2015, but the companies that today make up the group has a history that dates to 1905. The idea behind establishing Insula was to gather and build interdisciplinary and strong expertise within processing and sale of seafood. Since its inception, Insula has completed more than 20 acquisitions, which together form today’s seafood group Insula.

To safeguard the companies’ local market relationship, customers and consumers, the operative units are organized in four geographical business areas and two raw material-focused business areas. The four geographical business areas are Insula Norway, Insula Sweden andInsula Denmark. They are the seafood expert in each respective market, helping consumers to choose seafood more often.

A fifth business area, Insula Whitefish, is responsible for securing quality raw material for the group's companies. The proximity to the fishermen and the buyer is key to this role. This provides the necessary preconditions for good quality and regular supply. Insula Whitefish also accounts for large parts of Insula's export outside the Nordic region. A sixth business area, Insula Redfish, is a dedicated joint purchasing, processing and distribution facility for salmon, serving both internal and external customers.

The group's overall goal is to increase seafood consumption amongst people. Our ambition to become the leading supplier of sustainable seafood in the Nordic markets. Another objective is to achieve the best profitability in our industry.

Insula's head office is in Oslo, Norway.