Seafood is good for the body and good for the environment. Consumers choose seafood when it tastes good and is easy to prepare. We will see to that! 

In this way we make society healthier and more sustainable. And this is how we keep a proud seafood tradition alive and constantly evolving.

That is why we say:Insula logo + vision


COURAGE: We have the courage to invest in innovation and new opportunities. We are committed to creating value for consumers, customers, communities and owners. We dare to take the necessary steps to operate profitably.

CLOSENESS: We are close to the sea, the fish, the local communities, our employees, customers, owners and, not least, consumers. We have been here for a long time and we will remain far into the future. We take responsibility all the way - from catching the fish in the ocean until it is served on the dinner table. We are close to each other, we care, show interest and listen to those around us.

COMMITMENT: We are dedicated, hardworking and forward-thinking. We put our heart into what we do and are proud of the results we achieve together. Humor, workmanship and joy mean that we always provide that little extra.

Meet our courageous, close and committed employees: