INSULA initially originates from the branded company Lofotprodukt AS in Norway, but today has many traditional and strong Nordic seafood companies in its corporate portfolio.

To ensure and continue the close relationship our companies have to the market, the customer and the consumer, our operational business is organized into four commercial business areas; Insula Norway, Insula Sweden, Insula Denmark, and Insula Finland. These business areas aim to be the seafood expert in their respective markets as well as to be the one that helps consumers choose seafood more often.

Additionally, we have a fifth business area, Insula Whitefish, which has as its dedicated task to secure quality raw materials for the Group's companies. Here, closeness to the fishermen and to the fish buyers is the focus, the premises for good quality and regularity. Insula Whitefish also accounts for much of Insula's export sales outside the Nordic region.

Insula's head office is located in Leknes in Lofoten, Norway. Part of the corporate management team is based here as well as our joint functions in finance and administration.

We also have an office at Fiskehallen in Oslo, Norway, where the Group's Business Development and Communication units are located.


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