Tobø Fisk AS is a fish industry company in Havøysund in Finnmark  established in 1997 by founders Tor Bjarne Stabell and Børge Johansen. We produce white fish fillets such as cod, haddock and saithe. Our main product is fresh loins, which is the fish fillet itself.

Our production facility is located in a small idyllic fishing village at 71 degrees North giving us a unique location, at close range from the clean and cold Arctic Ocean. This ensures our fish the best growing conditions and a very distinctive quality.

We are very focused on processing the fish as soon as we get it on the dock. This is crucial for both quality and durability. The day´s catch is usually processed the same evening, giving our customers longer product shelf life and added value in the form of better quality. The fresh and healthy raw material is so grateful to work with that it excites the gastronomic as well as the visual taste buds of our customers world over.

In Havøysund we offer a safe, varied and good workplace, where we work every day to provide good service and aim to deliver fantastic products to our customers.

During the main season we employ 80-100 people, and out of season we are 15-30 employees. This makes us a large and important company in our region.

We respect the ocean's resources, and we are at the forefront of taking advantage of 100 % of the fish. We can proudly say that, today, we have a large and varied customer portfolio that together buys all parts of the fish. Well-being, safety and the right quality are the basic values ​​of Tobø Fisk AS.

Tobø Fisk became part of the Insula Group in November 2016. Founders Tor Bjarne Stabell and Børge Johansen are still key players in Tobø Fisk and within Insula's other whitefish initiatives. NO 977 503 078