Sjøfrisk Norge AS is the Norwegian grocery chain REMA 1000's own supplier of fish and seafood, created through a collaboration between Insula and REMA 1000. Sjøfrisk is purely a sales company that only sells to REMA 1000 in Norway.
Sjøfrisk sources and sells the main volume of seafood products from the various manufacturing units in the Insula system, as well as from external suppliers. The products are primarily sold under the FISKERIET brand, and also through REMA 1000's own concepts such as PRIMA, 'Dinner for under a 100 bill, 'Grill' and 'Christmas classics'.

Since its establishment in 2016, Sjøfrisk has built up a robust base volume and a very close and good collaboration with REMA 1000, which form the basis for further profitable growth and more bestsellers in the years to come. This will also contributre to Sjøfrisk getting one step closer to its vision of being REMA 1000's best partner for growth and profitability.

Sjøfrisk was established by Insula in December 2016. NO 916 686 307