Nordic Group AS is a living seafood company with a long tradition of serving producers along the Norwegian coast and with an extensive network of satisfied customers all over the world. The company trades seafood to the export market, and has established a solid network of seafood suppliers along the entire Norwegian coast with the main bulk located in Northern Norway.

The company was established in 1967 in Trondheim as a cooperative for exporting fish products from leading white fish operators located along the coast of Northern Norway. Under Oddleiv Korsnes´ leadership, the company received an export license to the United States in 1968, which immediately became the main market for fillet blocks and new products for the catering market.

The focus gradually shifted to catering and retail trade with new customers in the British and French markets in addition to the US.

Over time, new technology and improved logistics have made the production and sale of fresh fillet products more profitable for the industry, and in 2004 Nordic Group began selling fresh fish products. Since then, exports of fresh fish and fillet products in addition to king crab have been the main activity along with continued export of frozen fillet blocks.

Nordic Group became part of the Insula Group in August 2017. NO 976 578 988