Marenor AB is a leading seafood manufacturer in the Nordic market, with a particular focus in the production of the grocery chain's own brands and products for the catering market. The company has factories on the Swedish west coast, in Kungshamn and Lysekil.

The marine areas surrounding the Nordic countries are the source of Marenor's business and have been so since last century. In the years gone by, the company has changed and the methods and products have been further developed. However, the traditions and crafts are the same, and above all – so is the passion for good seafood!

One of Marenor's basic requirements is that all of our products must come from species and areas with sustainable fish stock. Safety, knowledge and care are values we cherish. This includes everything from environmentally friendly fish and tasty products, to customer relations and corporate social responsibility.

Marenor became part of the Insula Group in September 2014 (Marenor AB, then Domstein Foods AB). SE556430-098501