Insula Produktion AS is a production company that processes seafood from raw material to ready-to-eat products. Our factories in Bergen and Leknes have long and good traditions associated with the production of fish food.

Our main goal is to produce good and healthy fish meals that our customers love. We are constantly developing so that we attract an ever-growing audience.

In today's product portfolio you will find smoked salmon and trout, minced meat products such as fish cakes and burgers, fish balls, fish pudding and fish gratin.

We sell mainly to the Norwegian grocery trade market through Insula's sales companies Sjøfrisk AS and Lofotprodukt AS.

Our strengths are an entrepreneurial culture, good customer service and expertise at every stage. We are head of the class when it comes to using new technology to improve production efficiency and quality of our products.

We have a total of around 140 employees at the various factories. Insula Produktion AS was established at the end of 2017 as the result of merging production activity of Lofotprodukt AS (established 1994), Madam Bergen AS (established 1991), Manger Seafood AS (1967), MaxMat AS (established 1984) and Berggren AS (established 1924).

Insula Produksjon was established as part of the Insula Group in November 2017. NO 919 694 289