Insula Hvide Sande A/S is located on the west coast of Jutland, close to the sea and the fresh raw materials. During the autumn of 2018, the factory underwent an extensive expansion of its production facilities as well as added new production lines.

The core business is fish filleting for map, seal and freeze as well as nitrogen freezing of loins, fillets, and tails. Insula Hvide Sande are experts in nitrogen freezing, a process that maintains the quality and consistency of the fish after thawing.

Insula in Hvide Sande has one of Denmark's best filleting teams and technical setup in nitrogen freezing of loins, tails, fillets and more.

Good service, trade expertise, and high quality are Insula Hvide Sande´s strengths.

Insula Hvide Sande became part of the Insula Group in October 2018.

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