Frøya Salmon AS is the company that markets and sells the Frøya brand name.

The Frøya salmon is farmed in the sea off the island of Frøya in Trøndelag. For thousands of years the Gulf Stream has created strong ocean currents in this area with a large difference between ebb and flow. This ensures the supply of nutritious and clean seawater twice a day, summer like winter. For generations, this natural phenomenon has created ideal conditions for raising salmon.

When salmon has grown to weigh between five and six kilos, it is brought into the state-of-the-art plant on the island for processing.

The salmon is sorted and cut by hand and only the best skinless and bone-free pieces are made into Frøya salmon loin. With a unique packaging and cooling process, it takes only two hours from the time the fish is wriggling alive until it is fully packed and ready for rapid cooling to below 0 degrees.

In this way, Frøya salmon achieves its unique quality, and is perfectly suited for sushi and sashimi making.

Frøya Salmon became part of the Insula Group in January 2016. NO 996 100 340