Fiskcentralen AS history started in 1934 when local fishmongers in Oslo joined forces to gain better access to fresh fish. Fiskcentralen (Fish Central) was established the same year, and is still located in Oslo Fiskehall (Oslo Fishhall).

Today, Fiskcentralen is Insula's seafood wholesaler in Oslo. Here we get daily deliveries of fresh fish and seafood from all over the Norwegian coast that is packed and shipped to grocery stores, catering kitchens and Oslo's best restaurants.

Most of what is traded from Fiskcentralen is wild fish, mainly locally sourced. This is possible thanks to our daily contact with fishermen, fish receiving centers and buyers. Products are sold primarily through Insula's sales company Lofotprodukt og Sjøfrisk.

We also sell shellfish year-round and offer, among other things, a wide and exciting selection of sushi. In 2017, we opened Northern Europe's most efficient sushi kitchen with a strong focus on expertise, logistics and service.

Our goal is to supply top quality seafood products such that we can offer more and more good and healthy seafood products.

Fiskcentralen also owns the warehouse and logistics company Keco Logistikk AS, and the fish restaurant Andersen Nilsen AS.

Fiskcentralen with its subsidiaries became part of the Insula group in July 2015. NO 811 651 532