Escamar Seafood Oy develops, manufactures, markets and sells fresh and processed fish products for retail trade and catering.

Our processing plant is located in Kuopio, where both warm and cold smoked, buried and marinated salmon is produced, along with portion packages and fresh fish.

Our strength is that we have very efficient production of fresh raw material, which ensures that our customers can sell top quality goods in stores every day. At the same time, we make considerable effort to offer user-friendly products that are easy to prepare.

Almost 80 employees in Kuopio enjoy high job satisfaction through a shared passion for fish. We know what a true fish experience is and work every day to ensure that our expertise and knowledge are conveyed to the dining table.

We have an administrative and sales office with seven employees in Helsinki.

Escamar Seafood Oy story starts in 1992, under the name Kuopion Kalatukku Oy. The name changed after the company became part of the Insula Group in June 2017.

The company launched a new family of fish and shellfish products named SJØ in the spring of 2019. The SJØ products fit comfortably with today's consumer trends which emphasize simplicity, health, and responsibility. The product's raw materials come from clean water and the production is based on ethical values, responsibility, and knowledge of the highest level.

The SJØ brand is our promise of quality products and respect for the origin. FI28341528