Conchilia AS invests in and owns a number of companies that produce and sell shellfish, mainly to the Norwegian grocery and catering markets. The main activity is tied to the HitraMat AS, Cape Fish AS, Seashell AS and Åkra Sjømat AS companies.

Conchilia and its subsidiaries became part of the Insula Group in 2016. NO 986 850 562

Some of our companies:

HitraMat AS
HitraMat's history started in 1905 with the fishmonger Sivert Fjeldvær. Since then, the company has been built with catch and production of crab as its mainstay.

Today, HitraMat is Europe's largest player in the processing of trock crab and handles 85 per cent of the volume captured along the Norwegian coast.

Crab products can be found at all grocery stores in Norway. Additionally, around 40 percent of our products are exported, with France as the main market.

We are proud to say that we deliver products of the highest quality, that we harvest in a sustainable manner, and that we are constantly developing a workplace that is a cornerstone company in our municipality.

We have many flexible and dedicated employees who deliver healthy and tasty products to consumers every day.

Parmesan comes from Italy. Champagne comes from France. Crab comes from Hitra.

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Cape Fish AS
Cape Fish AS was established in 1991 by Bjørn-Ronald Olsen, and is headquartered in Honningsvåg, Norway's northernmost village. The company owns four receptions located on Finnmark's coastline, less than two hours from the fishing grounds. These are located in Smørfjord, Kiberg, Sjursjok and Store Korsnes.

Sustainable fishing is our main focus, and proximity to the world's best raw materials gives us the best starting point to produce excellent products. The product portfolio mainly consists of king crab and snow crab, frozen and live. In addition, we deliver large quantities of fresh fish, salted fish and dried fish.

Seashell AS
Seashell is a fish and shellfish sales and production company located in Nordyrøy in the municipality of Frøya.

We work primarily with hotels, restaurants and catering (horeca) internationally.

Our company was founded in 1997 for the purpose of exploiting new species from coastal waters, and has been leading the sale of live scallops throughout.

Our main driver is to provide quality products to the world's best chefs.

Our strengths are good knowledge of quality raw materials and an understanding of what the market wants.

We employ a staff of about eight full-time workers and are an important workplace in a small community. We have great faith that wild-caught quality products have great market potential in the future.

Åkra sjømat ASÅkra Sjømat AS was started in 1992 by Svein and Heidi Torsen as a family business operating mostly with crab cleaning. To date, the company has been through many developments. Currently we have reception of fish and shellfish, a factory for cleaning crab, shrimp packing and local sale of fish.