6.1 Complying with Insula’s code of conduct
Insula's employees and board members are personally responsible for complying with the requirements that are stipulated in Insula's ethical guidelines. Employees and board members shall not act, or encourage others to act, in contravention of the code of conduct. This requirement applies even if the breach of a principle can appear to be in Insula's interest.

Where doubt arises about the interpretation of the principles in this document, the issue shall as far as possible be discussed with one's immediate supervisor before a decision is made. Uncertainty that cannot be clarified locally shall be reported to the group’s Head of HR for clarification by the group's management group.

6.2 Duty to report guideline breaches
Insula wishes to have an open and welcoming culture in which it is safe to discuss ethical dilemmas and to report any breach of the group's code of conduct.

Employee's and board members who observe a breach of the guidelines have a duty to notify their immediate supervisor. In instances where it is inexpedient or difficult to notify one's immediate supervisor, one can notify the group's HR function. If an employee wishes, notification can be made confidentially or anonymously.

Everyone who has received such confidential notification must handle the information in strict confidence in order to protect the employee.

6.3 Sanctions in the event of a breach
A breach of Insula's ethical guidelines can have major negative consequences for Insula, and breaches will therefore be followed up. Serious breaches can lead to termination of employment, summary dismissal and, if relevant, criminal prosecution.

By breach is meant both a breach of the guidelines committed by an employee him or herself, urging or aiding and abetting another individual's breach of the guidelines, failure to provide notification of a breach of the guidelines of which one was obviously aware, lack of assistance in investigating reported guidelines breaches, as well as acts of revenge against employees who have reported a breach of the guidelines.