5.1 Complying with valid competition legislation
Employees shall contribute to healthy competition in accordance with competition legislation.

Insula shall always compete in the market with respect for, and in accordance with, valid competition, anti-trust and marketing legislation. Employees who are involved in marketing, sales, procurement or logistics, shall ensure that they are familiar with valid laws relating to marketing and sales.

5.2 Preventing corruption
Insula has zero tolerance for corruption. By corruption is meant the abuse of trust and power for private gain, and encompasses giving or receiving bribes in the form of gifts, money or services. This is unlawful and can lead to civil compensation liability and criminal liability.

Employees who are in doubt as to where to draw the line between corruption and gifts shall seek the advice of their immediate supervisor in order to clarify this.

5.3 Exercising caution with gifts
Insula's employees and board members shall not offer or accept 
expensive or extravagant gifts or services. This also applies to events and business trips paid by a third party.

We do not offer or accept cash or cash equivalents as gifts.

It can be acceptable to offer and receive personal courtesy gifts provided that they are of minimal financial value, are not given frequently, and are clearly suitable under the circumstances. Gifts must not be given in a context or manner that can provide grounds for suspecting that the recipient will conceal the gift from his or her superiors. Gifts should for example be posted to the recipient's official work address.

Customer events shall always have a specific and relevant business purpose, and can only be accepted if they are reasonable and appropriate with respect to both value and frequency. Participation in such events organised by others must follow the same principle, and travel and accommodation must be paid by Insula.

Employees or board members who are offered or who receive gifts or services must without delay inform their immediate supervisor, who will decide whether or not the gift must be returned.