4.1 Meeting customers with professional insight
Insula shall be a complete supplier of seafood to the grocery and Horeca markets, with the Nordic countries as our home market. We shall be the seafood expert, and the one who helps consumers to choose seafood more often. In order to achieve this, Insula must be a good sparring partner and advisor to our customers.

Insula's employees therefore meet customers with professional insight, respect and understanding. We always come well prepared to customer meetings, are positive and try to find good solutions that benefit the customer. We never make negative statements about our customers in a public setting or on social media.

4.2 Treating suppliers professionally
Insula's suppliers are essential to our operations, and their supplies are decisive to our success. Insula's employees shall therefore treat suppliers fairly and with respect. As far as possible, written agreements shall be entered into with suppliers that at minimum
stipulate the agreed price and Insula's requirements for delivery time, quality, ethical requirements and terms of payment. 

We never make negative statements about our suppliers or partners in a public setting or on social media.

4.3 Respecting Insula's competitors
Insula believes that a well functioning market drives development and innovation, and we therefore respect our competitors. Insula's competitiveness is based on good products and sales processes, and Insula's employees therefore encounter our competitors in a
professional and honest manner.

No employees or board members in the group shall make negative or condescending statements about our competitors in a public setting or on social media.