3.1 Protecting Insula's property
Insula's employees shall act responsibly and with caution in order to protect the employer's property against misuse, theft, damage and destruction. By property is meant physical property such as buildings, machines, veichle and equipment, as well as intellectual property rights such as prescriptions, trademarks, work processes and designs.

Such property shall not be used for the employee's own purposes, unless this has been agreed in writing in advance by the managing director of the business entity in question.

3.2 Protecting confidential information
Insula's employees and board members shall handle confidential information about Insula with caution, and treat information that is not public as confidential.

By confidential information is meant all information that one might have gained knowledge of that is not publicly known, and that one should on careful assessment understand would be of importance for Insula to keep secret. This includes, for example, business plans, budgets, prices and customer information.

Particular care shall be exercised when sharing and referring to business-related information on social media, for which the definition of confidentiality is interpreted strictly.

Information about Insula that is not publicly known shall be treated as Insula's property. The obligation to not share such information also applies without a time-limit, including following the termination of an employment relationship, or when a board member's term has expired.

3.3 Preventing conflict of interest
Involvement in external companies or organisations can impact an employee's working relationship with Insula, or conflict with Insula's business or ethical interests.

Managers and employees shall therefore not have external duties or offices that are in conflict with Insula's interests, or that are of such a scope that they impact their work ability and capacity, unless such duties have been expressly approved by the immediate supervisor.

Where there is risk of, or suspicion of, conflict of interest, such as in matters relating to recruitment, wage negotiations, conflicts, etc, the leader's leader shall be involved in the discussion.

3.4 Preventing discrimination and harassment
Insula is committed to providing a safe, healthy and inclusive working environment that promotes the fair treatment of employees and in which ethical behaviour is acknowledged and appreciated.

Insula's employees and board members shall avoid behaviour that can be interpreted as discrimination or harassment, and shall not make negative remarks or discredit Insular employees in public or social media.

No direct or indirect discrimination shall occur on the basis of ethnic identity, religion, age, disability, gender, marital status, sexual orientation, trade union membership or political affiliation. The employees must be aware of, and have respect for, cultural differences.

Insula does not tolerate bullying or any degrading treatment of employees, for example physical or sexual harassment or discrimination in the form of language or acts. No employee shall be subjected to physical punishment or any form of physical, sexual or psychological punishment, violation or degradation.

3.5 Contributing to good health, safety and environment
Insula considers safe and good operations to be a precondition for 
good profitability over time, and all companies in the group shall therefore work with focus and implement measures that prevent and minimise accidents and harm to health that results from or is related to conditions at the workplace.

Insula's employees shall contribute to a safe and good working environment that does not lead to injury or harm to people, the environment or society. All employees should be aware of their shared responsibility for contributing to a safe and positive work environment.

Employees receive regular training in health, safety and environment. First aid equipment must be available at all workplaces.

3.6 Drugs and alcohol
Insula's employees and board members shall not be intoxicated when working or within the work area, or consume alcohol or other intoxicants during working hours. Alcohol can however be served in connection with hospitality or corporate events, under the condition that consumption is moderate and with the proviso that it will not be combined with the handling of machines, driving or other work that is incompatible with alcohol consumption.

Insula practises zero tolerance for drugs in connection with work, including if the work takes place in a country in which such use is permitted.

3.7 Protecting personal information
Insula's employees and board members shall handle personal information in a proper manner.

Customers, employees and other closely associated parties must feel confident that personal information that is in Insula's possession is handled in such a manner that it is only used for legitimate business purposes.

Insula's handling of personal information shall be subject to valid laws and regulations. The handling of personal information shall be limited to that which is necessary for operational purposes, efficient customer service, relevant commercial activities and proper personnel administration.

3.8 Documenting agreements in writing
Insula's agreements with employees, suppliers, customers and business contacts shall as a general rule be entered into in writing, and be archived properly.

Verbal agreements can be difficult to document, and can sometimes 

lead to disagreement about terms and conditions, as well as suspicion that something illegal or unethical has taken place. All agreements entered into by one of Insula's companies shall therefore, as a general rule, be entered into in writing, and the agreement shall be archived in accordance with valid guidelines for storage.

3.9 Keeping precise accounts
Insula's accounts shall be precise and in accordance with valid laws and accounting standards.

Insula's accounts are decisive to the management of operations and to the ability to fulfil the group's obligations towards its stakeholders.

Insula's accounts must therefore be precise, and provide an accurate picture of the group and subsidiary companies' activities in the relevant period. Employees who take part in financial transactions or accountancy shall ensure that all transactions are completely and precisely documented, and registered in accordance with valid law, good accounting principles and internal requirements as described in the Insula Way.

False or misleading bookkeeping is under no circumstances acceptable.