2.1 Compliance with laws and regulations
Employees and board members shall comply with international, public and locally applicable laws and regulations in all their activities for Insula and its subsidiaries. In addition, employees and board members shall also comply with the group's internal guidelines and those of the individual company.

In the event of a discrepancy between the relevant laws and rules and Insula's code of conduct or other guidelines, the strictest rule shall apply.

2.2 Acting with integrity
Employees and board members shall act correctly and with integrity when representing Insula.

Personal integrity means "doing the right thing", even if no one is watching. We shall always be honest, truthful and reliable.

2.3 Acting in Insula's interests
Employees and board members shall be loyal towards Insula and work for the best interests of the group.

By loyalty is meant prioritising Insula's interests ahead of other interests, within the framework of the law and Insula's guidelines. We should always exercise our best judgement to increase Insula's value creation, protect Insula's interests and contribute to continuous improvement.

2.4 Respecting people
Insula shall promote a corporate culture that is characterised by respect and consideration for other people and their property. We shall act in a manner that inspires trust in collaboration with colleagues and in interaction with suppliers, customers and other business contacts or the authorities. We do not give negative statements about them in public settings or on social media when this can be linked to Insula or its subsidiaries.

No form of forced labor, wage slavery or involuntary work shall occur. Insula further believes that children should be protected from economic exploitation and work that could harm their development and well-being. To the extent that our companies employ people under the age of 18, the employment relationship shall comply with national laws that protect the child's safety, health, development and right of schooling. Employment of children aged 13 to 15 years shall be done according to separate guidelines based on ILO Convention C138.

2.5 Protecting the environment
Insula acknowledges that the basis for our existence is access to raw materials from the sea, and we therefore have a responsibility and it is in our own interests to contribute to proper and sustainable environmental management.

Employees shall therefore strive to minimise the environmental footprint from our operations through compliance with relevant local and internationally recognised environmental standards where this is appropriate, as well as minimise our environmental impact through the use of raw materials from sustainable stocks.

Insula shall, as necessary, ensure that suppliers of animal products ensure good animal welfare.