Båtsfjordbruket AS was established in 1981, and our main activities are the purchase of fresh, white fish and king crab from the coastal fleet, fillet production and live storage of white fish.

Båtsfjordbruket has long and proud tradition of fresh fish and seafood. Ever since 1891, fish has been purchased on this property and the blue parcel number F-162 is a quality stamp out in the marketplace.

The company has a conventional fish station and fillet factory in Båtsfjord, and fish station in Vadsø. In addition, we can proudly say that we are among the country's leaders in live cod storage.

Båtsfjordbruket has a total of 84 employees with long experience, great commitment and high competence, and we have gained a central position in our field in the fishing industry.

From the beginning, we have been a local and community-committed company that takes its responsibility seriously. Taking care of both the fish and our employees is of highest priority.

Outside of East Finnmark, fish is available all year round.  By assisting fishermen and their boats, we get fish for our fillet production all year round. This gives us a stable and experienced workforce that knows how to handle and present quality fish to customers.

Being able to utilize everything on the fish is a priority for us. Nothing is wasted. Food waste shall be reduced to an absolute minimum and the fish must be taken care of in such a way that the quality does not deteriorate.

We will preserve nature's resources and treat them with respect and humility.

Båtsfjordbruket became part of the Insula Group in November 2017.

Org.nr: NO 929 205 634