The goal is for Insula to take the position as the leading player in sustainable seafood in its own markets.

- To me, sustainability is about doing what is good and right for the future.
Jeanette Forsell, Business Developer Sustainability Insula AS.

- Seafood is the future, and Insula wants to lead the way in getting more people to eat healthy, sustainable and tasty food from the sea. Even though we are doing a lot of right already, we need to get even better. I am therefore very pleased that Jeanette Forsell will lead our sustainability effort and help us work more structured to achieve the goals we have set ourselves, says Olav Holst-Dyrnes, CEO of Insula AS.

Insula produces a wide range of processed seafood products from 18 different factories in the Nordic countries. Their domestic market is the Nordic region, but they also export world wide. Insula was established in 2015, but the group's subsidiaries have long traditions when it comes to sustainability as well, according to the CEO.

- The sea is the very basis of what we do as well as for the many local communities we operate in. The awareness of the importance of a living sea is well planted with us. For example, we have Tobø Fisk that is a pioneer when it comes to the use of by-products, Amanda Seafoods that has launched a number of organic seafood products for the Danish consumer, Marenor that early put sea conditions on the agenda in the Swedish fishing industry and Escamar that has paved the way with the launch of Finnish snack products made from residual raw materials. We will continue to work purposefully with local initiatives in each og our companies, but now also to a greater extent together lift our efforts across companies, markets, countries and not least; along the value chain from sea to table, says Holst-Dyrnes.

Jeanette Forsell is today Manager of Quality and Sustainability in Insula's own subsidiary Marenor AB. She has an education in industrial economics and molecular biology, and her main concern is to give consumers the opportunity to make active and good choices when shopping for food. Now she is looking forward to taking on her new area of ​​responsibility February 1st 2022.

- To me, sustainability is about doing what is good and right for the future. Insula's core business is already built on a sustainable mindset. Together with all our skilled and committed employees, my job will be to ensure that both customers and consumers can feel confident that our seafood is produced and sold with care for both people and the environment. Only in this way can we succeed with what we do, now and for the future, Forsell concludes.

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Foto: Knut Bry
Photo: Knut Bry