It is not a solo project. What we do and have done is thanks to the tireless efforts of many.
Sigvald Rist, CEO Insula Norway & Whitefish

This week, the Norwegian Seafood Association’s Honorary Award was presented to Sigvald Rist, CEO Insula Norway and Whitefish.

The Norwegian Seafood Association is a Norwegian industry organization embracing about 200 companies in the seafood industry.

The honorary award is given to individuals or companies that for several years have made, or are making, an extraordinary effort to promote the Norwegian seafood industry, have taken the lead and shown pioneering qualities that have contributed to developing the industry in a positive and innovative way.

- It is a great pleasure, and a great honor to be allowed to award this year's honorary award to Sigvald Rist, said Robert Eriksson, CEO Norwegian Seafood Association, followed by a long and well-deserved applause.

It was a humble Sigvald Rist who received the award, and he emphasized that he shares the award with his colleagues.

- It is an honor, and I share this award with many good colleagues in both Lofotprodukt and Insula. It is not a solo project. What we do and have done is thanks to the tireless efforts of many, Sigvald Rist said.

The jury said the following about the award winner:
This year's award winner has for almost three decades shown an enormous commitment to the seafood industry. The person has in many ways been a pioneer, and perhaps the foremost brand builder for the Norwegian seafood industry.

He showed courage and prudence at a time when very few seafood companies saw the benefit of spending money on marketing and branding. He has always been concerned with putting quality on the agenda, and has used this in his brand building. The company he leads, and has led, and the brand has become a symbol far beyond Norway's borders.

He has used raw materials from the coast, with high quality, and he has been very dedicated to ensure increased seafood consumption in Norway.

The brand is Lofoten. In 1994, he was involved in starting Lofotprodukt AS. In 2015, he was involved in establishing Insula AS, which today has become one of the large Nordic seafood groups. Insula has 1100 employees, and has companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.