Did you know that Insula has both fish reception centers, production companies, and sales companies? This means that we have employees who cover a wide range of trade expertise, and a wealth of opportunities for those who want to help lift the seafood industry.

The majority of our employees work with food production, sales, and finance. But we also have employees who work with business development, marketing, product development and innovation, IT, quality and HSE to name a few. Together, we ensure that we offer exciting seafood products of the highest quality and that efficiency and food safety is safeguarded from the time the fish is taken ashore until it is served as a finished meal in a restaurant, hotel or local store.

Insula has grown rapidly in recent years. This growth has come mainly from the acquisition of strong and traditional seafood companies in the Nordic region. Therefore, a number of seafood companies in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland are managed from the Group's headquarters at Leknes in Norway. All our companies aim to produce and deliver the best seafood to quality-conscious consumers.

Visiting Insula's companies is a true journey through Nordic seafood traditions. Working in Insula means joining a Nordic community of seafood expertise, with local affiliation and pride.

Insula has visionary leadership who believes that it is possible to succeed in seafood production and processing in the Nordic region, perhaps the world's most expensive region to do just that. To succeed, we need employees who value quality and hard work, who contribute to a good and safe working environment, and who thrive in a workday characterized by change and growth.

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