Fiskeriet Sverige AB sells and markets products for the grocery market with consumer-packaged products, a wide selection of fresh fish for the stores' fish counters and products adapted to customers in catering. The goal is to become a leading supplier in the category through our portfolio of brands, customers' own brands (PL) and raw materials to operate and influence the consumption of sustainable food from the sea.

We want to engage and contribute to knowledge and development in the category and thereby add value to both customers, consumers and employees.

At a time when both the environment and human health are in focus, Fiskeriet takes a leading role and raises our level of ambition through the transition to more sustainable food. We do this because the sea and water - wisely controlled - are not only an important source of sustainable and climate-friendly proteins, but also because the raw materials are tasty, healthy and easy to produce.

We therefore offer both fresh, frozen and ready-made seafood products, which together with knowledge and inspiration improve the dining experience. Our focus is the customer, and we emphasise a close customer cooperation and a high level of service.

Fiskeriet Sverige (previously Sjöboden Allt i Fisk) became part of Insula Group in January 2017. Fiskeriet Sverige AB merged with Lobster Seafood Sweden AB in 2020 and thus formed a broader product portfolio, a more efficient organization and more and better synergies through the establishment of united raw material supply and employees. 556549-5727