Fiskeriet Sverige AB sells and markets products for the grocery trade, with both consumer-packaged products as well as a wide selection of fresh fish for the stores' fish counters. The goal is to become the category-leading brand of seafood in the Swedish grocery trade.

Fiskeriet Sverige AB was previously called Sjöboden Allt i fisk AB, but changed its name in 2018. In 2019, the company's first products were launched under the brand Fiskeriet.

Fiskeriet is the expert that helps consumers choose correctly from the delicacies of the sea. The brand stands for good sea food during a whole life. Sustainability is very important for Fiskeriet, environment and health are of central importance to us. It is important that our customers can always be confident that our products come from sustainable stocks and hold the highest quality, and that they are produced in a sustainable way with little impact on the external environment.

Through Fiskeriet we want to get more people to discover how varied, healthy and good food from the sea can be. That's why we offer both fresh, frozen and ready-made seafood, together with knowledge and inspiration that enhance the food experience. We focus on the customer, with close customer cooperation and a high level of service.

Fiskeriet Sverige (then Sjöboden Allt i fisk) became part of the Insula Group in January 2017. 556549-5727