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By Kristel Pedersen,
Hav og fjell

Welcome to Insula Norway. Our goal is to inspire, help and facilitate increased consumption of all the delicious, healthy and sustainable products the sea has to offer.

The Insula seafood group originated in Norway through the branded company Lofotprodukt AS. Today, we have seafood companies in our Norwegian portfolio that cover the entire value chain, from sourcing the raw material from the sea to serving it as the finest meals on the table. Together, we wish to inspire and facilitate increased consumption of healthy, good and sustainable seafood from our oceans.

In Norway, Insula is responsible for the Lofoten and Frøya brands among others.

Insula Norway:

Insula whitefish entities in Norway:

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    Insula Sweden

    By Kristel Pedersen,

    Our passion and mission is to drive the development of the seafood category in Sweden. We achieve this through collaboration with our customers, a sustainable and efficient value chain, new innovations and inspiring consumer communication.

    In Sweden, Insula consists of two companies with complementary roles. Marenor act as a partner in the development and production of private label. Fiskeriet drive the consumption, the innovation and marketing of seafood in Sweden through the trademark Fiskeriet and direct sales of fresh fish.

    Insula Sweden:

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      Insula Finland

      By Kristel Pedersen,

      Welcome to Insula Finland. We develop, process, market and sell fresh fish and processed fish products to the Finnish grocery and catering market under the “SJØ” brand.

      Insula Finland has its factory, Escamar Seafood, in Kuopio, while our administration is located in Helsinki. We mainly use Norwegian salmon and farmed rainbow trout in our production.

      The main products in our SJØ portfolio are warm-smoked and cold-smoked fish products, buried and marinated fish products, portion packed and fresh fish. The products are manufactured according to traditional production methods, such as open fire. All warm smoked products are slowly and gently smoked with real smoke. Therefore, many people who work in the fish trade think that the flame-roasted salmon from Escamar is the best on the market.

      Insula Finland:

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        Insula Denmark

        By Kristel Pedersen,
        Insula Danmarks hjertekroge - to fiskekroge, der danner et hjerte

        Welcome to Insula Denmark. Our ambition is to be Denmark's leading seafood supplier through the inspiration and development of healthy and sustainable products for the grocery and catering markets. We produce everything from fresh fish to canned fish spreads. In short: Everything you need. Our products are marketed under the brands Glyngøre, Amanda and Bornholms among others.

        Insula Denmark has fresh fish production, frozen production as well as refrigeration and canning production. In short, together with the other Nordic Insula companies, we cover the entire value chain from sea to table. We are close to the fish and the fresh ingredients with filleting factory in Hvide Sande, a canning factory in Frederikshavn and a cod liver factory in Iceland.

        Insula Denmark:   


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